Tuesday, 25 May 2010


These are the final scenes for my animation.
The idea will be to move each across the lightbox, bringing the next sheet in so that it looks continuous.

Monday, 24 May 2010

work space.

Me and hayley have kind of taken over the front room these last two week. Im currently settled by the window so i can use the light to see my layers. Trying to line it up to that the sequence looks like it flowing downwards.


There was a really nice shadow cast by the cellophane but i couldnt capture it. This is how im going to show the children.

Things i forgot!

These are some tests i did to try and discover the atmosphere i want to create. I dont want the scenery to be too realistic, i dont want anything to be too realistic. These were just done with masking tape and water-colours.

I tried the water colour on the lightbox...

I dont think this looks particularly effective. Its nice in places but its quite time consuming and i dont have the time any more, I feel that layer paper creates more depth to the image and is simple but effective!



Stills from tests.


This what i was imagining for the beginning, after trying it i can see that its not the effect i had in mind!


This is my intro I think.


I managed to get hold of some coloured cellophane.
This is how i intend on getting colour into the images.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

scenery tests.

This is just layered paper built up to to try and create a street scene. I tried placing yellow and black transparent paper on top but you cant really tell. I also added in the 'puppets' to see what they look like together.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Layered paper.

The layered paper 'puppet' looks really woody and natural, i think this is my favourite, but im not sure it will work against a background. Need to experiment some more!


Recently i have become really interested in Lowry's work. These images show the way he captures streets and towns in his work. His use of perspective is really nice and is an element i want to take into my own work, the subtly of depth created, in some of the images you dont notice the background buildings straight away.

Testing continued.

Experimenting with the focus.

Light box testing.

The set up,

These are the three different 'puppet' ive been playing with. One is done with felt tips and water, one with water colours and the other one is made with layers of paper, masking tape and some sellotape. The first three images are of the 'puppets' just on the light box, and the last three are a yellow coloured transparent paper which is covering the light box. This has created a glow around the light box which creates an eerie atmosphere. However im not sure i want the darkness framing the image.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Doctor Who.

I was watching Doctor Who the other day and they made it really scary but turning the light on and off. It was an episode about stone angel statues and they got closer every time the lights went off. Thought this could be something i could experiment with!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


This was a really really quick experiment with light and shadows. I used a green bottle to see what effect a colour 3d object would have as well as trying out paper. i think the paper works better, its more solid. However once i know what atmosphere i am trying to create i might find it useful. And it may be a nice way to create depth to the image if i combine the two effects.